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Native American Flute Workshops



Learn the magic of the Native American Flute with Manoa. 

I am completely in awe of this instrument and everything it has brought to my life thus far. Studies have shown tuning into this instrument induces a meditative brain state, increasing alpha and theta brainwave patterns.

We know in addition to that, using your breath will naturally provide relaxation for your mind and body. The sounds you produce in turn are more rhythmic and these expressive sounds can exhilarate your brain.

Imagine the effect sitting held in nature has while you're doing this?

My workshops offer space to learn how to tune into and play this beautiful instrument in a tranquil forest setting. They are offered for beginners or intermediate players with the opportunity to take 1 on 1 lessons

  • Breathwork

  • Meditation

  • Deep Ecology

  • Nature Connection

  • Nervous System Reset

Cultivate inner peace and calm your nervous system with connection to nature, self and the Native American Flute.

Flutes available for purchase and pick up on the day or rent for a small fee if you don't have one. See our Facebook Event Page for more details and event dates coming up soon.

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