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California-born, Australian-based roots artist Manoa, accompanied by his Swedish songstress wife Caroline, crafts a dynamic fusion of folk melodies and reggae grooves, offering a transformative musical experience.


Manoa not only shares positive messages of nature reconnection, personal growth, and transformation through his music but also integrates ecological wisdom into workshops and retreats. With a PhD in Environmental Education, Ecosystem Conservation & Ecopsychology and a background in marine ecology, he teachers how to practice ecological regeneration.

Caroline, originally from the South of Sweden, embodies a deep connection with traditional Scandinavian folk music. Singing in choirs from an early age, music for Lilla has always been about community, friendship and bringing people together.  One could hear her voice drifting from a warm, fire-lit cabin on a frigid winters night in the Swedish woods and soothing those inside with her heart-warming soul.


Their sound healing supports yoga and breathwork sessions and seamlessly weaves self-recorded natural soundscapes with live instrumentation, guiding listeners on a relaxing introspective journey. Having graced the stages of renowned festivals like Woodford Folk Festival and supported roots artists such as Nahko and Murray Kyle, Manoa's music acts as a conduit for well-being, encouraging us to slow down and connect with the more-than-human world for clarity and focus in our lives.


Manoa also teaches Native American Flute workshops and has an online course where he helps people connect with this magical instrument.


"A groover, a maker, a DR (PhD - excuse me!). Bring on the vibes of summer.” 

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